Frequently Asked Questions

Oyster Storage

How do I store live oysters?

Oysters stored live (unopened) are kept at a temperature replicating their natural water temperature. Usually between 10 -18 degrees for rock oysters and 4-10 degrees for pacific oysters.

Rock oysters are good for up to 2 + weeks after harvesting whereas pacific oysters have about 7 days of shelf life before the flavour profile changes.

Keeping your oysters live reap many great benefits. Fresher and much higher quality oysters on demand, much longer shelf life, more nutritional value and less wastage.

Oysters should be kept covered and damp in something breathable. A woven poly bag, a hessian sack or damp tea towels are the most common.

A wine fridge is perfect for oysters, and they usually have a digital control and temperature variants going above 10 degrees.

How do I store shucked oysters?

Shucked oysters are best eaten on the day of opening. Though they do have a shelf life of 3 days similar to any other seafood.

They are to be stored as flat as possible to reduce any brine being spilt from the shells. Scrunched aluminum foil is perfect for this. Keeping them well cover is important also, so they don’t dry out. A substitute salty brine can be added if some liquid has been lost. 35 parts per 1000 is a usual ocean salinity.


How does delivery work?

Orders must be placed the day before.

Delivery charges are calculated on a time from the factory to your destination. E.G. 20 minutes = $20

We request a person to be home to collect the order or arranged entry for access to refrigerated storage. Delivery times between 8am and 2pm.

What is your delivery schedule?

Local (Burleigh, Palm Beach, Tugun, Miami, Nobbys Beach, Mermaid Beach, Varsity Lakes, Robina)
Delivering: Tuesday – Saturday

Northern (Broadbeach to Brisbane)
Delivering: Tuesday and Thursday

What about pick up orders?

Pick up orders must be placed by 10am same day. Orders over 5 dozen the day before.

Our factory is located at 5/80 Dover Drive, Burleigh Heads 4220.

We are open Tuesday – Saturday: 8am – 2pm


How does ordering work?

Daily Orders
Must be placed the day/night before.

Standing Orders
A weekly standing order will be delivered Thursday/Friday delivery. This will accrue a $0 delivery fee as a thank you for your continuous business. To increase your standing order you will need to contact us by Friday the week prior.

Orders can be placed by:
TXT or CALL – 0488 325 043 (PREFERRED}
Email –

What are your delivery fees?

Tuesday to Friday – $5 delivery fee

Saturday – $10 delivery fee

For Standing Orders – $0 delivery fee

What are your pick up times?

Pick up is available (pre-ordered) from Tuesday – Saturday: 8am – 2pm

Our factory is located at 5/80 Dover Drive, Burleigh Heads 4220.

Fresh, delicious and healthy oysters delivered to your door.